Top 7 Best Hiv Dating Sites of 2024


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• Over 2.4 Million User Base + Highly Privacy Settings + Largest STD Blogs is currently the world's largest online website for herpes and hiv, with more than 2,358,400 active single users. The website was founded in 2001 and has been serving herpes dating & hiv dating for 23 years. The site was reported by Forbes, AOL, and more famous media.It offers the one-on-one dating instructor and numerous various other functions that make it preferred for all participants! The website provides you full privacy as you can hide your online status. What Are You Waiting for?--- Join Thousands of Other Singles for Hiv Dating Now!


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• Online Chat Room + 100% Hiv Only is not only easy to use but also easy to sign up. Being an HIV-exclusive platform, the site doesn't screen its members, meaning you must vet the people you interact with. In addition to offering community forums, mentoring, and medical information, also has its own dating community.


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• 24/7 Customer Service + 100% Anonymous is a website for people with sexually transmitted diseases. This website is a sub-site of positive singles, and the website is very powerful and has a large number of users. But most features require advanced membership to use. If you are an Hiv, you can find true love in it.


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While PozMeet might not have the influence or numbers of sites such as, it comes with a host of free game-changing features. Enjoy features such as the member hotlist and voting poll that allow members to vote for the hottest members on the site.


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PositivesDating is a hiv dating site that seeks to give emotional and educational support to its subscribers. The website provides a stable dating platform and looks to introduce people through blogs and forums.


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Meet Positives is built for people diagnosed with different types of sexually transmitted diseases from hiv, to chlamydia, gonorrhea, and even syphilis, among others. The online dating site is ideal for hiv singles looking to find their perfect match.

#7      Hzone

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Hzone is an iPhone dating app for HIV singles. It uses the Tinder-style, location-based technology to find matches in your area.With a swipe, you can anonymously like (or pass) on potential matches and send direct messages.There’s a free option and three paid VIP subscription options with discounted prices.

Scared that your hiv diagnosis will ruin your chances of finding true love or companionship? Luckily, hiv dating sites provide stigma-free opportunities to interact and develop romantic relations with other hiv singles.

But with so many online dating sites available for people with hiv, how can you choose the best site without wasting time and resources? The best hiv dating sites have real profiles, proper support teams, and user-friendly interfaces as well as features.

How Can Dating Sites for People with Hiv Protect Their Member’s Privacy?

For people who suffer from hiv, one of their biggest concerns is keeping that information private. In fact, so many people who suffer from hiv go to extraordinary lengths in maintaining their privacy that they do not feel comfortable dating. Today, dating sites for people with hiv place as a priority the protection of the privacy of their members.

You may wonder how such protections can be put into place? The answer lies in how hiv dating sites are built. This means that dating someone with Hiv is not only possible but promoted on the sites, so you can find love again. This means that hiv dating Canada, the US, or other countries served by dating sites are dedicated to privacy protection first.

Dating sites that are dedicated to serving the needs of those with hiv are not all that different compared to traditional dating sites. Their structure is similar and emphasis on providing members with chat, messaging, and similar features. If there is a difference, it is how sites dedicated to hiv dating have taken extra steps to protect the privacy of its members.

Privacy Protections

  • There are numerous privacy protections that are put into place when choosing a dating site for those with hiv. This means that there are several layers of protection that come into play when you decide to join a hiv dating site. For the reputable sites, it will provide some peace of mind for those who have hiv.

  • Registration: Registration only takes a few moments, but it is important to fill out the information properly, so you can proceed to the next step. The information that is required is protected by the best software security system that makes hacking quite difficult at best.

  • Profile: It is advised that you post a clear, recent picture of yourself as part of your membership. Plus, you should include information that would be of interest to others who might be searching for you on the site. Keep in mind that you do not have to post any information that gives away your identity. It does pay to be a little careful about your employment, hobbies, and other information that someone might piece together to find out who you are.

  • However, if you keep it general and not relate any specific information, such as the company you work for, the neighborhood where you live, or anything else that might give you away, you can go a long way towards protecting your privacy.

  • Chats & Messages: The chat and message system on dating sites for those who have hiv is kept secure as well so that no one outside the dating site can enter. This means that your messages to those you find interesting are kept private along with engaging with a group in a chat session. While you should remember to keep your information private, you will not have to be concerned about the messages getting outside the dating site.

There are additional protections that you can put in yourself to ensure that your privacy is protected. For those who engage in hiv dating sites, it is not surprising that many are quite protective and take their own measures to keep their privacy. Thanks to advances in software security technology and new methods that make it difficult, if not impossible for hackers to gather information, hiv dating sites have become quite secure on their own if you take the proper precautions.